Flip Your Biz Sales Funnel

Year: 2019
Client: Anthony Caliendo
Industry: Business Brokerage
The strategy for this WordPress Sales Page was intended to capture potential business owners into Campaign Monitor and SalesForce. Using his book “Flip Your Biz and Cash Out Big” as a lead magnet users would land on this page from various marketing initiatives and fill the form to send data into an optin email marketing sales journey which starts with the actual downloading of the e-book. The data sent into SalesForce was used for Business Brokers to nurture and procure Business For Sale Listings, at times including Real Estate Properties.

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The integration of Campaign Monitor and Salesforce was pivotal in this strategy. Campaign Monitor facilitated the email marketing journey, ensuring that potential clients received targeted, valuable content that nurtured their interest and engagement. Salesforce, on the other hand, played a critical role in managing the data collected from the sales page. This data allowed The Business Brokers Experts to effectively nurture leads, with the ultimate goal of procuring Business For Sale Listings, and at times, Real Estate Properties.

The sales funnel’s effectiveness hinged on its ability to guide potential clients through a well-defined journey. Starting with initial awareness through various marketing initiatives, the funnel adeptly captured interest with the lead magnet, converted leads into actionable data via the form submission, and finally, nurtured these leads towards making a decision. This process demonstrated the power of a well-constructed sales funnel in converting prospects into leads and, eventually, into successful listings for the business.

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