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Search Engine Optimization works as a supporting tool
in ranking your website also, SEO assists in boosting revenue.

We provide best Return on Investment

Money you invest on SEO will give you 5x more in a long term.

We Create Opportunities

We are not like ordinary SEO services provider rather we look for opportunities + find best ways to bring traffic + step up for winning solutions.

We play with Numbers

SEO is all about achieving numbers in terms of (Traffic + Revenue). We love to find those numbers for our clients.

Florida's Top SEO Service

Remember: No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google, AOL, MSN, YAHOO or any other search engine.

Benefits of Search Engine Marketing

  • Long Term Results: Unlike PPC and other types of marketing, the results you see from SEO last for a long time. Even if you stop your active SEO campaign, the results stick around for months, if not years.
  • High ROI: Studies have shown that SEO offers a higher Return On Investment than other types of online marketing.
  • Qualified Visitors: With targeted keywords, you get to place your website in front of potential customers at the optimal moment – during their search. It’s the ideal opportunity to attract qualified leads.
  • 24/7 Promotion: With an optimized site, your listing is available to potential customers all day, every day.
  • Brand Awareness: Having your website high in the natural search engine listings helps build your credibility.
  • Nearly Unlimited Traffic: When compared to PPC, SEO offers nearly unlimited traffic because you’re not paying for each visitor

What is Search Engine Optimization

Your Website and its individual pages will be optimized individually to score the highest positioning as possible. Careful selections of keywords will be discussed and put into course of action by means of submissions, targeted linking and hidden page elements known as META TAGS. We will submit to all major search engines and directories, but will keep our focus on Google. We will use all the techniques and guidelines from google to make the site as good as can be. A good portion of the search engine game is the content. We will discuss ways on changing the content to be as keyword friendly as possible for our targeted keywords.

Page Rank

How We Can Help You

Florida's Top SEO Service

Realistic Commitment

Underlab Media Productions offers clients realistic commitments rather the over-promising and then flattering in the end.

Florida's Top SEO Service

Local Search Engagement

Our team will help to write up a complete local search and social engagement strategy which allow you to get a qualified lead for your business.

Florida's Top SEO Service

Detailed Reporting

Detailed reporting is your right to know what exactly happened with your website and how much traffic you received in a month. Our team will be with you on every step on this process.

Florida's Top SEO Service

Your Local Search Existence

Our team will make sure the visibility of your website on local searches and provide footprints of your entire website.

Digital Media Florida's Organic SEO: Optimizing for the organic search results:

  • Site analysis: A comprehensive analysis is 1st performed on your site such as design, layout, navigation, Meta tags, web copy, architecture and more.
  • Keyword Research : Research and development of competitive keywords and drill-down keywords.
  • Competitive Analysis: The competitive analysis is used to determine the level of difficulty in ranking the site higher than the competition. It is also used to determine if the competition is actively optimizing their website. Competition is the main deciding factor in the cost of a campaign.
  • Optimization of content: Optimizing the textual content to promote relevance, target keyword densitiy, prominence and more.
  • Optimization of Site Code (title, description, keywords, content-code ratio): Meta information is used to provide additional information about HTML documents so that the Search Engine crawlers are able to index the information more accurately.
  • Custom Site Map Creation : The creation of a site map page enables SE spiders better crawling of the site. We create Google sitemaps, as well as standard and dynamic sitemaps.
  • Search Engine and Directory Submissions: We use our own techniques to get pages spidered and indexed in a period of days to a few weeks. We also submit to the top Internet directories, such as DMOZ, Yahoo and others.

✔ Index & Crawled all the Backlinks on premium indexer 
✔ Google Penguin 3.0 and Panda 4.1 Safe 
✔ 100% White Hat and Manual work
✔ 100% Approval Rate
✔ All Backlinks are Do-follow
✔ 100% Natural Mix of High PR backlinks (anchored, non/anchored)
✔ Full report with Login Details

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