South Florida Video Producers

Florida Video Production

Video production services are a great way for a South Florida business to market their message effectively and engage customers directly without spending a great deal of time or money. 

Bring Your Video Production To The Lab

The advent of High-Definition and DSLR cameras has made it quicker, easier, and cheaper to edit and produce high quality videos. That means our clients can launch a campaign across many different media faster than ever before!

You can increase visibility, establish your brand visually, and engage customers directly with video ads.

Video advertisements enable a company to deliver their message creatively and establish a visual brand that will remain with the customer in a powerful way.  Because of video’s capacity to imprint a message, having the right message, delivered the right way is extremely important.

We create:

  • Business Profiles
  • Commercials
  • Film Production
  • Music Videos
  • Video Marketing (seo friendly videos)

When you work with us, you are working with a company who believes in innovation and creativity, but also understands how to deliver a quality product quickly.  We take your vision and convert it into a high-impact marketing tool which will deliver your intended message to your intended demographic.

Florida Video Production
Florida Video Production

Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos for your business is one way to explain to your customers who you are in an engaging and dynamic way.  Our team works with you to produce a short video that helps to establish your brand to the world.  We make sure that the end result not only meets your needs but will present you in the way you wish to be viewed by your potential and current customers.

We can shoot, edit and produce original broadcast quality video. We can work from stock footage, use motion graphics from your existing marketing materials if the budget is tight. In either case, we keep our costs low and our production values high, so you pay for great results, not great overhead. We are talented pros who create great solutions to help you and your business succeed.

Sales Videos – Simple One Day Shoot of you discussing your product and with a call to action to your website, landing page or to call. Great for Web Marketing Campaigns.

Company Profiles – Great for your website or to send people to learn more about your company and meet the people involved. It builds trust for your company bringing faces to the forefront of your brand.

Commercials – We’ll write a script, get the voice over artist, and create a commercial using produced video, stock videos, and motion graphics to capture your audience and create retention.

Promo Ads – Simpler commercial videos using stock photos, text and animation to promote your brand and products. The most cost-effective videos you can buy.


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