Why Looks Matter for Florida Graphic Services

Why Looks Matter for Florida Graphic Services

Florida Graphic Design Services

Humans are visual creatures, and when it comes to business, your Fort Lauderdale Company needs to have top-of-the-line graphics. The visual identity of your company gives potential customers an instant emotional association with your brand, and need want that association to be positive to be successful! This is where Florida Graphic Services performed by our team of graphic design professionals can come in and help 

When the internet was in it’s infancy, a business in Fort Lauderdale could get away without having a web page. However, with e-commerce increasing ~20% every year, and with 85% of consumers using the internet to find local Fort Lauderdale businesses, you need a website to stay competitive. If you do not have a website, you are throwing your money away.

The good news is that if you do not have a website, or you have a website that needs to be updated and optimized, Underlab Media Productions can help you. Please fill out a quote here for a 100% free consultation. We can discuss further how to optimize your web presence and make sure the graphics are top notch so people are magnetically attracted to doing business with you.

But what does a website have to do with graphics and your companies brand identity? Everything! Your website is a mulch-media hodgepodge of text, images, videos, and contact forms. Each graphical element contributes to your overall professional image.

If you don’t yet have images or videos, do not worry. Underlab Media Productions can help you create stunning images and SEO friendly video marketing that brings in local Fort Lauderdale web surfers to your website. Remember, 85% of consumers use the web to find your local business, and if you have a SEO friendly video marketing, your customers will find your videos before they find your competition. Plus, if your competition does not have video, you will crush them!

Not sure what this SEO friendly video marketing stuff means and wish to learn more? Please fill out a quote here and we will discuss the options you have to promote your Fort Lauderdale based business. Video is one of the current “trends” that is here to stay. Do you ever visit YouTube, the video sharing platform? Google purchased it in 2006 for 1.65 billion, and it continues to grow in size every year. Google realized the power of video, and wanted to own the premier video hosting service before it was even bigger and even more expensive.

All of this points toward customers finding your message, which is the first step. But from there, you want your customers to get a good impression of your brand. This is where the graphical element of videos comes in. Many business owners try to make their own videos, and it is good they are investing in building their business, but if your videos do not look good it may actually be hurting your business.

Imagine a Fort Lauderdale resident searching for your business category. A couple business owners in your category in Fort Lauderdale already have videos and you watch them to see what your competition is doing. Business A has professionally done videos that are clean and professional. Business B has shaky, poorly made videos that scream “I am an amateur”. Now imagine, you are a consumer looking for someone in your business category in Fort Lauderdale. Are you going to work with business A due to its professional graphics and image, or are you going to work with business B and its poor graphics and image? Business A of course! Now, when it comes to video, you want your videos to be clean, graphically interesting, and professional so customers are attracted to doing business with you over the competition.

Besides web design and video, Underlab Media Productions will help your business in Fort Lauderdale with any of its creative needs. Look around our website and fill out a quote here for a 100% consultation to discuss the graphics needs of your Fort Lauderdale business.

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