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This Package offers online entreprerneurs a chance to have their own online hub, manage a community similar to facebook, or basic listings like yelp.

Earn Revenue by charging to post listings, selling ad space, placing affiliate ads, or selling memberships to an online community with user profiles..

These may require a certain number of 3rd Party Wordpress Premium Plugins to be installed in order to acheive the best features. We we can go over the details over a phone call. Please book a call or ask for a quote.

For online communities that will require image, video uploads and/or streaming, we strongly recommend to host the site on a VPS or Dedicated Server along with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) such as Cloudflare. Siteground offers CDN services with Cloudflare.

Community Plugins:

Subscription Plugins:

Recommended Email Sending Platforms

Note: Client will be required to supply: copy, branding images, logins to domain registrar and hosting. 

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