Website SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis

Website SEO Audit and Competitor Analysis


You need strong SEO Keyword Research with a lot of search volume and low competition in order to rank higher in Google. I will help you to find the best kw’s in your niche

We will provide 

Thoroughly researched Advance SEO Keywords with High volume and Low difficulty to rank easily with very less effort 

Report will include : 

Keyword Research

  1. Niche Focused KWs
  2. Country specific Search Volume
  3. CPC (Cost Per Click for Google Ads)
  4. Intent (Informational,Navigational,Commercial Investigation,Transactional)

Competitor Analysis

  1. Competitor’s top ranking KWs
  2. Competitor’s Top Pages
  3. Competitors’ kw ranking on featured snippet or Zero Position
  4. Competitor’s backlink profile
  5. Complete On Page and Off Page Strategy (Complete Roadmap to Rank)
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