Google Tag Manager and Analytics Tracking Setup –

Google Tag Manager and Analytics Tracking Setup –

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What does this Service Offer? 

  1. Setup Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel or other tracking for your website using UA/G4
  2. Track and create visualization of Funnels based on the custom flow 
  3. Enhanced Ecommerce for WP UA/GA4
  4. Conversions tracking: form, leads, contact us interaction, video watch, purchases with revenue etc
  5. Fixing of current tracking
  6. Custom reports for Ads OR GA 
Basic Set-Up - $100

👁 Basic Tracking ✔️PageView ✔️Create & Setup Google Analytics ✔️Install Facebook Pixel ✔️ Google Tag Manager

Advanced Set-Up - $200

👁 Track Ecommerce Or Lead Event 👁 ✔️Setup Ecommerce Tracking Event ✔️Add to cart, Purchase Conversion,Form Submission ✔️Goal &Funnel

Pro Set-Up - $300

👀 Track All Platform 👀 ✔️Dynamic Remarketing ✔️FB Pixel Events ✔️Google Ads Conversion ✔️Pinterest, Linked in & Others

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